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Simplifying Accounting Function

DES Business Suite


Built on robust DBMS enabling data consistency and integrity at all times, thus ensuring interfacing module to be always tally with General Ledger.


Built on a thin client fat server model, allowing faster data transmission at optimum speed

with real-time information updated concurrently.

Three - Tier Architecture Model


Leveraging on Microsoft Proprietory Technology, our application is agile, secure and scalable allowing data to be efficiently processed and stored


Similar interface across all modules, flexible account structures, minimum account set-up with immediate use upon installation.

DES Software is an accounting software solution targeting small to medium sized trading company. Its solution includes inventory management, accounts receivable, payable management, cash and general ledger management. Our solution interface with most of Microsoft productivity tools, namely Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. DES accounting software is developed based on a client-server technology in Windows environment. This architectural design allows user to perform data input, data analysis and report printing in the most efficient and effective way. DES accounting software is a three-tier architecture design, connecting presentation layer (GUI) with database (DBMS) via an application layer (middleware). Client-server technology is an ideal solution for both local and remote clients.

Simplifying Accounting Functions

We pride ourselves on getting closer to our customers by understanding and responding to their business needs. DES highly scalable software solutions are widely targeted to large range of trading and service-related organizations.


Our Smart Business Suite of applications combines core financial business accounting software modules with Microsoft Office software solutions, extending the value and effectiveness of Finance, Procurement, Sales and Marketing departments across the organization.


Microsoft Technology

DES Accounting Solution is ideal for organizations that need the power of Microsoft® SQL Server solution. It has been designed and built using the most powerful components of DES Accounting Solution to deliver a

wealth of great functionality alongside the flexibility of Microsoft® SQL Server database.


Advantages of choosing DES solution:


  • Minimizing operational and
  • finance workload
  • Enforce internal control across organization supply chain
  • Facilitate decision-maker with updated results and reports
  • Integrated and centralized system
  • Easy access to real-time information across multiple department within organization
  • No Licensing fee and maintenance fee


Integrated Accounting Modules

Double-Entry Software (DES), is an accounting software solution developed with simplicity in mind. Double-Entry Software is ready for your use immediately, upon installation. It requires less preliminary set-up, account code creation, account grouping, or sub-ledger account creation.


All accounting modules interface with General Ledger, giving user real-time information. Accounting Modules includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Inventory and Cash Book, with Value Added Tax and Multi Currency support.


Data consistency and integrity control is built within the accounting software system ensuring sub-module balance always tally with General Ledger balance. Double-Entry Software complies with local GAAP, enforcing double-entry concept, and accruals concept.


Flexibility is the key to the success of DES. The flexibility of the account structures combined with user defined analysis codes and hierarchies means that you can map the software to your business rather than the other way around.


It also means that the system will support structure and organization changes within the business without the need to change underlying posting codes. This allows the system to grow and change as your business develops.

Inventory Module

The ability to track and manage the cost of individual stock items is an essential part of the integration between the core back office financials and the front office processes in ensuring a smooth inventory management.


DES Inventory module is focused on improving the processes behind the inventory movement, giving your organization the accuracy required in inventory valuation.


The Inventory module provides user the option of printing inventory movement, inventory balance and ageing for a user-defined period.


Features :

  • Unlimited creation of stock item code
  • Provide inventory ageing report for easy control of inventory obsolescence
  • Provide costing mechanism in FIFO / AVEG method
  • Support inventory return to supplier and customer return
  • Allows inventory pricing and quantity adjustment for stock loss or stock discrepancy
  • Allows user to categorize stock item for better inventory analysis

Accounts Receivable Module

DES Accounts Receivable module provide user the flexibility in issuing partial or full delivery note to customer, whilst simultaneously updating inventory balance within your organization, giving real-time inventory information for effective decision-making across organizational supply chain.


With the addition of foreign currency feature, user is given the ability to transact with overseas customer, allowing partial or full billing of sales invoice for cross border delivery across the world.


The sales returns function allows unlimited number of sales return process while ensuring correct cost of sales and revenue reversal in GL. User has the comfort of generating a number of reports covering customer statement of account, ageing report and the conventional delivery note and sales invoices.


Features :

  • Facilitate partial or full delivery order to domestic and overseas customers
  • Support partial or full billing of one or multiple delivery orders
  • Automatic posting of journal entry upon issuance of delivery order and sales invoices
  • Automatic update of inventory balance upon issuance of delivery order and sales return
  • Automatic credit limit control during order entry
  • Automatic loading of delivery order details upon selected customer name

General Ledger Module

The ability to integrate disparate module throughout the enterprise as a unified system is one of the most important aspects of any successful financial implementation.


The General Ledger module interface directly with all sub-modules within DES, giving organization updated real-time information. User may post accrual or journal entry with ease without time limit, giving the flexibility of closing organization’s accounts at anytime.


The General Ledger module allows user to close its year end accounts with ease, by just performing a single journal entry in transferring its current year profit and loss amount to retained earnings brought forward account.


Features :

  • Direct interface with sub-module, eliminating the need of clearing account
  • Support unlimited line of journal entry posting
  • Facilitate year-end foreign currency translation
  • Generate financial reports covering :

- Trial balance

- Profit and loss statement

- Balance sheet

- Transaction listing

  • No lock-in period allowing journal entry to be performed anytime


  • No Licensing Cost
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • No Third Party hidden Cost
  • Free SQL Server Express Database*

* downloadable free version from Microsoft


Integrated Modules

  • General Ledger Module
  • Accounts Payable Module
  • Accounts Receivable Module
  • Cash Book Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Value Added Tax Module


Microsoft Office Integration

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Publisher


  • Multi currency support
  • Non batch processing, real-time result in transactional posting
  • Multiple financial reports and business forms in each accounting modules
  • Flexible chart of account structures
  • Auto posting of realized gain / loss on collection and payment process
  • Integrated cash flow forecasting and actual cash flow projection
  • Inventory costing mechanism in FIFO/AVEG basis
  • Integrated credit control feature
  • Auto-matching of collection/payment amount against customer/supplier invoices
  • Total integration with spreadsheets (import and export)
  • No year-end closing restriction
  • Easy order entry processing with drag and drop feature

Accounts Payable Module

Accounts payable module provides the necessary tools needed to acknowledge the receipt of supplier delivery for subsequent matching of goods received notes (GRN) with suppliers’ invoices. Our module support partial matching of supplier invoices.


Business logic control is built within the module, enforcing user input and business compliance. There is purchase return function available to user to perform return goods to supplier for damaged items.


This module provide user the option of printing supplier ageing report, allowing user to monitor the age of its outstanding amount owing to its suppliers.


Features :

  • Support partial matching of supplier’s invoices against GRN
  • Enforce user input during order entry processing
  • Auto loading of GRN items during order entry processing
  • Multi-currency support for oversea purchase
  • Auto-posting of journal entry in GL upon posting of GRN and invoice
  • Ageing report by supplier to facilitate debt control

Cash Module

DES Cash module allows user the flexibility of matching collection and payment against sales invoice and supplier invoices, giving organization updated cash flow position for better cost control and forecasting. Partial matching of collection or payment is also supported within the Cash module.


Within DES Cash module, system will auto-compute the realized gain/loss amount for collection made from overseas customer and payment made to overseas supplier, saving organization in terms of administration work and time needed in monitoring foreign currency translation.


Organization has the ability to monitor its cash flow more accurately with reporting capability given with twelve months actual cash flow projection. Cash modules also facilitate fund transfer between two or more bank account code.


Features :

  • Support unlimited creation of bank account code with banking information maintenance
  • Support partial receipt of payment from local and overseas customers
  • Support partial payment to local and overseas suppliers
  • Direct interface with GL, no clearing account required
  • Auto-posting of journal entry in GL upon posting of collection and payment entry
  • Auto-compute and auto posting of realized gain/loss for overseas collection and payment

Value Added Tax Module

VAT module provides the capability of allocating VAT rates to individual stock items, accelerating user order processing in stock delivery (VAT Output) and purchase (VAT Input). User may utilize the VAT Adjustment feature to individually adjust the transactional records captured in VAT control account.


All VAT adjustment, payment and refund entry is automatically journalized in GL upon successful posting. VAT reconciliation facilitates user in matching VAT Input against VAT Output, giving user latest VAT Payable/Refundable balance.


User may print out VAT reconciliation summary report with the option of viewing items already matched or unmatched for VAT Input/Output for selected period.


Features :

  • Direct population of vat rates during order processing
  • Auto posting of journal entry in GL for VAT Input/Output during entry posting
  • Facilitate VAT reconciliation by matching VAT Input with VAT Output
  • Printing of VAT Summary and VAT reconciliation report
  • Unlimited VAT code assignment during order entry
  • Support auto reversal of VAT Input/Output for Sales and Purchase Return entries


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